Downloads and Demos

Downloads & Demos

Part of Spin’s work involves sharing information that both empowers customers in a better experience with the company’s products and services, and helps them to be better known around the world of Spin activities.

Currently, in this section, we have a set of Playlists to help you to know ActionNET and its functionalities:

  • Lean Automation:  There are eight videos showing the methodology Lean Automation applied to the SCADA ActionNET, with concepts and videos examples of applications to generate substations (utilities and industrial), wind farms and data acquisition module for asset control in distributed systems.
  • ActionWise:  There are three videos showing the ActionWise (SCADA/ADMS/FLISR) parametrization and running.
  • ActionNET Basic Course: There are eight videos of introduction to ActionNET (five tutorial and three exercices).
  • ActionNET Intermadiate Course: There are six intermadiate tutorial videos.
  • ActionGRID: There are three videos showing ActionNET integrated with a partner EMS and OMS modules.
  • ActionNET Tips: There are three videos showing some important caracteristics of  ActionNET.


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