Action₀NET arrives in Indonesia

Spin invests in the Asian market and has in SCADA software Action₀NET as its main asset. The product has adapted with speed in the market of countries like India, Philippines and Indonesia.

Through the integration partner PT Nexera, PLN Persero (State Electricity Company), benefits from Action₀NET.

The State Electricity Company (PLN) is the holder of the Indonesian Electric Power Business Authority, with the task of supplying electricity to the public interest. In line with government policy of providing opportunities for the private sector to engage in electricity supply business, since 1994 PLN status has changed from Public Corporation to Limited Liability Company (Persero).

Its purpose is to conduct business of supplying electricity to the public interest in quantity and quality suitable to promote profits and carry out the allocation of government in the electricity sector in order to support development by applying the principles of Limited Liability Company.