News » Action.NET helps students group to score goals

Action.NET helps students group to score goals


At the beginning of 2018, Spin Engenharia extended its partnership with UFPE – Federal University of Pernambuco to students of the institution that participate in a working group focused on robots soccer competitions. Maracatronics is a team created in 2012 as an extension project of the Departments of Mechanical, Electronics and Control and Automation Engineering of UFPE. The project aims to develop students’ knowledge, engineering skills and work.

In the midst of various competitions, the Maracatronics team constantly reflects on how to improve the performance of their robots and realized that SCADA software could do a lot of work in the process. For upcoming team challenges, Action.NET will be used to monitor the health of robots in real-time during matches.

A game of robots is usually performed by a limited team of three to four participants, who occupy a limited space by organizing the event should focus on the strategy and mechanical issues of robots. In this environment, issues such as battery quality and life analysis are in the background and end up having to be evaluated post-game when it may already be too late. To overcome this limitation, Maracatronics will use Action.NET on a second workstation, far from the field of play. It is an innovative strategy in this environment and should generate great results.

In this way, not only more students can participate in the game but they can help the team take better care of their assets. This strategy will be put to the test in João Pessoa – PB, Brazil, from November 6 to 10 at the Paraíba State Convention Center (games usually take place in the last 3 days). We’re cheering here.