News » Self-healing to keep the city moving

Self-healing to keep the city moving


The electrical automation market has evolved and new demands have created new opportunities. It’s time to rethink how we treat our energy. Spin is an automation company specialist in the electric market that seeks to meet demands of electric generation, transmission and distribution companies. In the case of the Brazilian distribution market, regulatory changes have shifted the way companies must deal with quality scores.

In this scenario, the self-healing function can work with the utilities operation seeking to improve its quality numbers. In partnership with Sinapis, Spin has developed a self-healing system for Action₀NET software. The ActionWise module has Spin’s quality and flexibility already recognized by the market, added to the technical knowledge and excellence of Sinapis.

You can integrate the self-healing module by 3 different ways to the operation of a dealership, contributing directly to the reduction of DEC index (System Average Interruption Duration per Consumer Unit).

In developing this product, the partner companies sought the best solution, involving technical issues but also market issues. This makes the ActionWise self-healing system the smarter in Brazil. ActionWise was created to help Brazilian distribution companies meet their mission of providing quality power to its customers. After all, these companies, more than any other, know that the city cannot stop. The system is already installed in the Celpe (PE) and Cosern (RN) concessionaires.

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