News » Spin integrates asset management software at Eletropaulo

Spin integrates asset management software at Eletropaulo


Spin Engenharia is the winner of the bid held by Eletropaulo to implement a power transformer asset management system. 46 transformers are part of the scope of the project, involving online monitoring of the following variables: oil temperature and humidity, OLTC temperature and humidity, OLCT counter, position and current, voltage regulator relay, winding temperature, ambient temperature and dissolved gases.

The project is a pioneer in Latin America due to its size and representativeness. Together with two hardware and software partners, Spin will implement the solution during a two year project.

Eletropaulo is the largest electricity distributor in Latin America, operating in 24 municipalities in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and providing power to 6.7 million consumer units (20.1 million customers). The company distributes 35,400 GWh through 34.1% of the state (10.5% of the country) through its 152 substations and 44,029 km of distribution network and 1,843 km of subtransmission line. In total, the company has 202 thousand distribution transformers.

The intention of the concessionaire is to maintain, operate and invest in physical electricity distribution assets, meeting the needs of the relationship public and seeking continuous improvement in processes and better allocation of investments. In this scenario, meeting the applicable regulatory and legal requirements of quality, reliability, safety, environmental aspects and asset accounting represent major incentives to the project. As objectives, it is expected to reduce the company’s operating costs, reduce emergency interventions, maximize return on investment and manage risk.

The system used for the analysis is Qualitrol’s SmartSub. With artificial intelligence characteristics, from the modeling of transformers, the system will provide asset health indices, predictive analysis, as well as perform data analysis by algorithms, allowing the management of maintenance orders and notes.

The contract also includes the installation of sensors for data collection of transformers. The equipment will be supplied and installed by the Brazilian company Electron. Work has already begun and it is hoped to develop a reference service for the South American continent.