News » Spin teaches SCADA ActionNET course at Satc College

Spin teaches SCADA ActionNET course at Satc College


In 1959, at the initiative of the Carboniferous Industry of Santa Catarina, SATC was created, a Society of Assistance to the Workers of the Coal, focused on the preparation of skilled and specialized labor, as well as social assistance. In November 2003, the Satc Faculty was born, which has Engineering, Communication and Technology areas. The institution seeks to promote a training that contemplates a tuning of technical and human issues, contributing significantly to the fulfillment of SATC’s mission through teaching and research. There are approximately 2,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s degrees who pass every day through the institution.

Spin has partnered with Satc Faculty to license software that will be used for educational purposes and research development. To inaugurate the partnership, an SCADA ActionNET course was given to appropriate students, teachers and researchers in relation to the tool.

Afonso Machado, who is Spin’s team of engineers, guided the participants in relation to the features of the tool, as well as its unique benefits and characteristics.

The course took place midway through the college extension week, which also hosted a lecture on energy distribution automation from Spin.