News » Spin will be present at the Technological Park of Brasilia

Spin will be present at the Technological Park of Brasilia


The Technology Park of Brasilia – BioTIC was created with a focus on innovation in Biotechnology and Information and Communication Technology, aiming to be the main center of scientific, technological and innovation development of the Federal District of Brazil. The project enables the installation of several companies, as well as research institutions and innovation centers.

Spin has the honor of being part of this project, by winning the right to be physically present in the park through a public call. In the coming months, the company will change its headquarters, dividing the space with several technology companies.

This is an opportunity to change the character of technology development in Brasilia, but also in Brazil. In charge of the initiative is BioTIC S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Development Agency of the Federal District – Terracap created for the implementation of the Technological Park of Brasília – BIOTIC The objective is to take care of the management, control and structuring of the enterprise. The feasibility of the business involves from financial and real estate operations of space occupation to the prospecting of new businesses that are consistent with the purpose of the sustainable development of the Federal District.

This change of venue must collaborate to accelerate the development of Spin’s own technology, with partnerships made possible by partner organizations and companies.