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In the sanitation market, Spin acts providing SCADA software and support for VARs (Value-added Resellers) and equipment manufacturers. Spin has deployed the Sanitation Control Center in the city of Londrina, being able to support VARs using ActionₒNET for sanitation applications. In these systems there are infrastructure equipment such as Group Diesel Generator, Power Systems, nobreaks, Engines, MCCs, tanks, etc.

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Spin implemented, using ActionView, the Sanitation Operation Center (SOC) of Londrina Sanepar, in which 23 water pumping and treatment plants are controlled. The system is stable and operational since then, showing the robustness of the Spin software.


To simplify the complex management of a sanitation system, Spin developed a versatile software. With ActionₒNET, users in different locations can cooperatively develop and test applications (distributed engineering).

In addition to this functionality in a single platform, you can open and develop various applications at the same time.

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