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Substations of Utilities Automation

Deployments with speed and accuracy. Repetition leads to excellence and Spin is no different. Using ActionView (our first SCADA software) and, more recently, ActionₒNET, a more than 300 SCADA software has been deployed in industrial substations and generation, transmission and distribution companies.

The deployed solutions, because they were made with SCADA software developed by Spin, get better over the development work and during the maintenance process. For example, the basic reporting of events, alarms, operation log, historical trend and real-time, etc. are generated automatically without the need to develop screens and scripts.

CTEEP center substation was the first one in Brazil to be automated using ActionₒNET, providing access to all screens through mobile devices, reducing costs and easing operation as shown in the attached document (XII EDAO – Mobility System Supervision and Control).

Spin is the only company in Brazil that develops SCADA software for the energy sector and and has experience in the automation of more than 300 substations in about thirty utilities. Spin’s SCADA is oriented to substation automation, organized hierarchically in concessionaire, regional, substations, bays, IEDs, tags.

If a company plans to automate substations, Spin is a reference and while integrating SCADA in different IEDs – in simple architecture or hot-standby -, working with Spin is the guarantee of solutions for any protocol problem (see case 5).

Robustness and technology are synonymous with Spin solution.

In providing three batches in the emergency phase of project SINOCON (National Observability and Controllability System), comprising all high and extra high voltage substations in the state of São Paulo, Spin took part in the automation of thirty one substations and seven power plants during the period of twenty-four months, which corresponds to 1.58 substations automated per month (see Case 9).

Once made the parameterization of a given company’s substation, Spin generates a library with all the objects that define the company’s culture, using the functionality of Extension – Project (downloads parts of a project) and Deploy (generates automatically the tables of Tags, Alarm, Historian and Points). After that, new applications can be quickly generated.


Spin’s SCADA software meets diverse needs. In cases where the substations are connected to the higher level, ActionₒNET is also a gateway, serving through various protocols.

ActionₒNET also implements, as a protocol, the sub-module 2.7 ONS network procedure.

Through ActionₒNET, operation or maintenance technicians in the courtyard of the substation can access all supervisory screens by tablet or smartphone.

The portfolio of customers served by Spin is extensive and contains over thirty dealers in various regions of Brazil.

Among these may be mentioned:

  • CEEE
  • CEB
  • CPFL
  • DME
  • CELG
  • AMPLA, etc.

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