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All the complexity of the operation of a power plant under control. Simple as that. Since its inception, this is the offer of ActionView, Spin’s first SCADA software. More recently, it became the task of ActionₒNET, which is also offered in Software as a Service.

With both tools, Spin implemented the control of more than two dozen plants, as well as five plant operation centers. Just in the Sinocon project, Spin took part in the automation of seven plants in the state of São Paulo (read case 9).

In the years 2013-2015, Spin deployed automation of nine hydropower plants, four for the QGE and five for the EMAE. Additionally, it implemented two operating centers controlling these plants remotely.

In 2014 Spin took part in the retrofit of four hydroelectric plants that will have a centralized operation in the IOC – also in development – and the retrofit of many other plants of EMAE, and expansion of its Operation Center.

These services are the result of experience gained by the company in the automation of hydropower plants, the quality of its service, the robustness of the solution and personalized customer service.

Our database objects and figures associated with plants allow speed in the parameterization of applications.

The downloads attached are cases that prove Spin’s experience in plant automation.

Spin has taken part in automation projects of a series of energy generation companies, among which are: CESP, EMAE, DUKE, AES Tietê, Gerasul and Queiroz Galvão Renewable Energy (QGER). In CESP, we implemented the System Supervision and Control of Production (SSCP). This system is installed in Hydroelectric Jupiá, supervising the six plants of CESP’s generation facilities:

  • Jupiá – 16 Kaplan generating units, 2 for auxiliary services;
  • Single Island – 20 Francis generating units;
  • Paraibuna – 2 Francis generating units;
  • Three Brothers – 5 Francis generating units;
  • Porto Primavera – 14 Kaplan generating units;
  • Jaguari – 2 Francis generating units.

Spin has completed the retrofit of all EMAE plants as well as four QGER plants. In QGER the whole solution was implemented using ActionₒNET with the plants being  controlled by a operation center.

Moreover, in SINOCON ONS (National System of observability and controllability) project were automated eight state plants of São Paulo such as Jupiá, Solteira Island, Água Vermelha, etc.

Enercoop hierd Spin to automate three power plants, concentrating the entire operation in one to control the others.


To be responsible for the development of an industry standard SCADA software is to have control over the various aspects of a deployment. Beyond the power to adapt to a series of different situations and needs, the process of adaptation and improvement is in itself very valuable.

Through careful monitoring, Spin is able to identify sources of problems with a strategic comprehensive view. Thus, the company software is always in development, bringing together more than 20 years of experience in automation of electrical systems.

All features added to a project are incorporated into the product making it the best in all aspects (quality, robustness, functionality, etc.).

Working with large companies in the power generation market is like having a seal of quality. Among the deployments made by Spin, the operation centers are highlighted by the level of complexity and the successful projects.

In the history of Operation Centers developed by Spin, there are companies like CESP, EMAE, ENERCOOP, ENERFIN e QGER.


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