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Wind Complex

As an integrator of automation systems, Spin has already participated in the implementation of several wind farms using wind turbines from different manufacturers. A wind farm is composed of several parks, each with several circuits that receive energy from the wind turbines, delivering it in a transmission substation. In addition to supervising substation control of the transmitter substation park and bay, data is acquired from wind turbines and weather stations.

The system that manages a wind farm must communicate with the ONS (National System Operator), taking into account the submodule 2.7 procedures.

Spin participated in the implementation of the Enerfin Osório wind complex, which now generates 300 MW through several wind farms and also the implementation of the TaÍba, Icaraí and Amontada parks of Queiroz Galvão Energia. Together they have the capacity to generate 197.4 MW.

With the experience gained, Spin developed in ActionₒNET a library of objects associated with this type of application, as well as templates associated with different types of wind turbines.


Working with a company that has automated several wind complexes reduces costs and ensures the success of the enterprise. The company experience is reflected in oriented Object Library application, in knowing what to do and the time it takes to do it, how many and which points of E/S are substantive, which points are to be sent to ONS and what protocols must be used, which are the templates of wind turbines, the meteorological stations, etc.

To rely on experience and efficiency is to ensure results.

In each substation there are two ActionₒNET SCADA software, operating in hot-standby, which acquire information from the substations’ relays by IEC61850 protocol, from turbines and MetStations using Modbus TCP/IP and OPC protocols.

The substation SCADA functions as a gateway serving all data read in IEC 60870-5-104-for Integrated Operations Center (IOC), which, besides the data of wind farms, also concentrates data from hydroelectric plants.

The figure below shows the architecture of each wind farm and its connection with the Integrated Operation Center. In IOC, operators use three job posts, each with three video monitors that also provide images to company computers, in São Paulo, and for authorized tablets and smartphones.

In 2007, Spin took part in the implementation of Wind Parks of Osório Operation Center, from Enerfin, using Wobben wind turbines and Schweitzer and ABB relays, with the DNP 3.0, Modbus and OPC protocols.

After deployment, the parks’ expansion were made and, through a bidding process, other companies with other supervisory software were contracted to take part in the automation of new parks.

In 2013 and 2014, Spin was contracted directly to make changes and extensions in the system. With these new services, the customer mentioned that the software and services provided by Spin were better than the competition, and were the reason behind the establishment of a direct contract with Spin.

The Osorio Complex Operation Center consists of the Osorio, Osório2, Sangradouro, Sangradouro2, Indians and Índios2 parks. Altogether there are about 150 wind turbines. The SCADA in the Operation Center, through 32 E/S channels, communicates with all the parks and concentrators of wind turbines.


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