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Building Automation

In building automation Spin acts providing SCADA software and support for VARs (Value-added Resellers) and equipment manufacturers. The company’s SCADA has been integrated into various market solutions like Delta Control, KMC Control, Detectomat (Fire Detection), Olympia (Fire Detection), generators of various companies and models, lighting controls with DALI protocol, multimeters from different manufacturers, relays from different manufacturers, etc.

For some of these companies, it was developed a proprietary protocol and the SCADA, renamed CM&I Suite, was pre-parameterized to act as HMI solution and Gateway for integration with higher level, such as the two central fire aforementioned.

That’s building automation in a mouse-click.

Spin has developed the BACnet, Modbus, SNMP and OPC protocol, among others, and these are the gateway to the building automation controling CAGs, fancoils, frequency inverters, generators, nobreaks, central fire engines, jockey pumps, reservoirs, multimeters, etc.

On the other hand, with ActionₒNET it is also easy to control the substation, generators and cogeneration in peak hour, etc.

Spin will support VARs in building automation ensuring the success of the projects!

Spin, as integrator, deployed dozens of building automation and airport systems, also taking part as an Infraero consultant in creating a generic specification of airport automation. This experience qualifies the company to support VARs working in this sector.

To illustrate the performance in this market, three files on this page show the operation manuals of projetcs made by Spin:

  • Fazenda’s CPD: This application uses KMC Controls controllers, Stemac and Cummins generators, Power Meter 700 multimeters,Detectomat central fire and Masterpact Schneider breakers. It controls the air conditioning system (CAG and fancoil), fire central, electrical substation, diesel generators and no breaks.
  • Tishman’s Tower II Electrical Substation and Generators: Underground of this building there is an electrical substation, two Cummins generators and the building’s hydraulic system pumps. The application controls the substation, generators, which at peak times assume much of the burden of the building, and the system of pumps and reservoirs. Data is also available on the building automation system used.
  • Towers A and B of buildings from the Sector of Federal Authorities: This application makes all the building automation of the towers A and B, which are now leased to the Ministry of Health in Brasilia-DF. It uses Delta Control controllers, ABB multimeters, Stemac generators, Danfoss frequency inverters and Detectomat fire central. Air-conditioning systems, hydraulic, electrical and fire building are automated.

As can be seen in the ActionₒNET manual, it has a facility called Extension that makes it easy to be used as embedded software of third party equipment.

If you are a manufacturer or distributor of equipment, such as fire stations, generators, UPS’s, etc. and want to have an embedded solution that easily manages a man interface high quality machine for your equipment with ease of access through tablets and smartphones, contact us, we can help you.

A modern software adapts itself to customer needs. ActionₒNET allows the use of the concept of “Software as a Service” (SaaS). This means that your company does not need to install the software in machinery or maintain a physical structure to hold the equipment.

ActionₒNET keeps content in the cloud, allowing access by browsers (Internet) and even tablets and smartphones based on Android and Apple technology, without any special development.

If you are, for example, responsible for maintaining dozens of equipment distributed anywhere with internet, you can have a center in the cloud accessing these facilities and, via your mobile device, you can, in real time, receive calls and/or alarms, check out what’s happening in the client installation and take the most appropriate actions to solve the problems.


A few years ago, Spin has partnered with Ruhcon Inc., of Illinois, providing in O&M its SCADA and SpinGateway software. These products are customized to supply two fire panels companies: Olympia, located in Greece and the Detectomat, located in Germany. Olympia’s SCADA was embedded in the BSR-2100 fire central, being sold in Europe (see annex) and the product of Detectomat, shown in this video was embedded in a line of fire stations (discontinued nowadays).

The CM&I Gateway, as shown below, is a gateway applied to the building market which is still marketed by Ruhcon Inc.


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