Spin Engenharia is a company that works with automation oriented to the electrical market, more specifically, developing the SCADA, gateways and smart grid software, as well as integrating these solutions in energy companies (GTD – generation, transmission and distribution).

With eyes always focused on the future, Spin began the development of a new SCADA without legacy code, fully developed in “.NET” framework, a paradigm shift. The generated product: “ActionₒNET – The Next Generation” had its first version sold in mid-2012. Spin had the courage to seek a solution using new technologies, oriented for the day of tomorrow, with cloud computing, Software as a Service, scale use of personal mobile devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own device), ubiquity, consistent with the internet of things, shared engineering, robustness platforms, etc.

With ActionₒGRID, Spin returns to the place from where it started, with more experience, and offers the best solution on the market for distribution automation, GIS, EMS, DMS and OMS. The return is convenient at a time when the company consolidates its position as an organization that offers solutions tailored to a world of ideas.

The “tailor-made solutions to a world of ideas” statement takes shape in every new project undertaken by the company as it develops the various ideas presented by customers and partners. “Tailor-made” actually is a very nice expression to define Spin, since flexibility and attention became the tools used by the company to face its challenges. Spin is strategically positioned for the challenges of the next decade having concluded with praise its first two home lessons of the century, ActionₒNET and ActionₒGRID!

““We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” -T.S. Eliot