Playlists Spin

In this section, we have six video playlists to help you learn about Spin products and their features:

  • Lean Automation: Several videos showing the Lean Automation methodology applied to SCADA ActionNET, with concepts and examples of applications already developed;
  • ActionWise: These are videos showing ActionWise features, a SCADA / ADMS / FLISR;
  • ActionNET Basic course: videos with a basic course on using ActionNET;
  • ActionNET Intermediate Course: several video tutorials, intermediate level, showing ActionNET functionalities;
  • ActionNET Tips: several videos showing features of ActionNET
  • ActionGRID: These are videos showing the integration of ActionNET and ActionWise with ECS´s solutions, partner company of Spin who develop :EMS, OTS, OMS;

Below is a general video of the company.


Connection is our business. We connect equipment, software and people with our SCADA software.