Customized wind farm management

“Data analytics”, “business intelligence”, “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” are just some of the fashionable expressions in the technology and business worlds. But, between the promise and the delivery of a solution involving so many specialties, there is always a way to go. Spin, which has been developing solutions for the energy market for 3 decades, knows this well and, when developing a product, seeks not only dialogue between its specialists, but with its customers.

The last positive result of this partnership work was the application of the system for the intelligent management of wind complexes – ActionWind to the operation of BW Guirapá, subsidiary of FERBASA, a company with shares traded on BOVESPA for more than 50 years. The Bahia (Brazil) company already uses the tool to evaluate details of its daily production. Ronaldo Pimentel, Operations Manager, says he is satisfied with the application of ActionWind to his operation and claims to obtain information and perform analyzes that were previously impossible. The system has facilitated the analysis of the data, facilitating the identification of anomalies and failures. The tool has also helped in the technical-commercial relationship with equipment suppliers for preventive maintenance activities, many of which were only carried out after defects before the system was implemented.

ActionWind system training.

In September, the BW team received training to operate the tool and exchanged more valuable information with the Spin team. Nicorray Santos, Technical Director of BW, highlighted the importance and quality of the initial dashboard, which contains the main indicators of the complex, congratulated the work performed, and stressed that this tool will greatly facilitate the management of the complex. On the radar for the future are the development of complementary solutions and a diagnostic module to make consistent predictions, using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

ActionWind can also be applied to your wind farm. Do you want more information? Contact us: comercial@spinengenharia.com.br