News » Interview | Péricles Leadebal, Spin’s new Commercial Director

Interview | Péricles Leadebal, Spin’s new Commercial Director


This last month, Spin Engineering held a strategic hiring for its sales team: Pericles Leadebal Toledo da Silva.

Pericles has a degree in Electrical Engineering with over twenty-five years of experience in management positions and direction of activities related to the areas of technology, sales and human relations. His hiring marks a new phase in the commercial area of Spin, which aims to adapt more appropriately to the company’s target markets.

Check out an interview with Pericles on his arrival at the company and plans for the future.

The market received with relative surprise the news of your hiring. What made you decide to work at Spin?

Péricles: I know Spin for a long time and know the technical capacity of its officers and employees, as well as the soundness of the product that Spin develops and markets, which sets a solid foundation for business development. During the negotiations before entering Spin, I was presented two new products, the SCADA Action₀NET, which from what I see is an extremely updated product technology, possibly the most modern in the market, and Action₀GRID which is a complete solution for the management of distribution concessionaires operation with GIS, EMS/OTS, OMS/DMS. In this context Spin now seeks greater participation in the energy market in which it operates for many years, as well as the entry into new markets. This proposal seemed very challenging and motivated me to come to Spin, because I think I can help accomplish this challenge, with my experience of over 15 years in the automation market.

What is your view on the current Brazilian energy market?

Péricles: The Brazilian energy market needs to have its regulation revised, with clear rules and less state intervention. But it is a very big market, presenting opportunities for those willing to stay up to date and work with dedication and competence.

What are the plans of Spin upon your arrival?

Péricles: See, our search is now reinforcing the work of Spin in the commercial area, ie make Spin better known in the energy market, seeking to open the range of customers in this area, with a strong presence in the sales area. In the Midwest, we will seek via our headquarters in the Northeast branch of Recife an increased in the commercial activity, seeking business both in wind power as in power utilities, and ultimately, through our São Paulo office seek more significant presence throughout the southwest. We will also disseminate knowledge about the Action₀NET through agreements with universities such as USP, UnB, Inatel, UFPE, etc., with courses for undergraduate and graduate students. Another action we seek is acting through distribution channels and VARs (Value Added Reseller) that have penetration in different automation markets in all regions of Brazil, at first, and then abroad. Channels and VARs receive thorough training to sell, configure and maintain Spin products.

We will also seek new markets, in particular we will work strongly to enter the industrial automation market, where we think our new product has better features than some market players and we will work with competitive price, seeking greater sales volume. The building automation market also interests us, and I will study it in greater depth, to see how we can position ourselves in it. Good plans for the moment are these, and there are few, but we also have a long-term vision with other niche markets in mind, but this is a conversation for the future, I hope not too distant.

And the crisis?

Péricles: Well, the crisis is concerning but not frightening. We have a clear vision that the energy market is being dammed by the crisis and there is a demand that must be executed anyway, because one of the ways to tackle the recession is seeking more efficiency and productivity through automation, which is our “business”. Of course we are at a time where businesses try to diminish and be closed with more discretion, but as I say our people from the comercial area, it is now time to plant, and the more we plant, the more we will reap.

Finally, I know that Spin has structure, products and employees to face this crisis and come out victorious, becoming a stronger company, more efficient, more competitive and better positioned in the market where we want to be benchmark in quality and products.