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Lean Automation: fast integration for accelerated productions


Spin is a lean company, it always has been. The number of employees and the size of the physical space of our offices in Brazil demonstrate this. In times of crisis, the decision to maintain a structure under control seems correct. But that’s not the only benefit of staying small.

Quantity is not quality, and even with a relatively smaller structure compared to companies in the market, we are able to perform tasks with unusual speed. This reflects the dedication and commitment of our partners and employees, but also a vision directed to the result.

Our working method is based on the constant exchange of information, from the beginning. For this, we developed the Functional Specification: a methodology applied to the origin of each project to clarify its direction and anticipate potential problems. It’s that simple.

But, for over nearly 25 years, we have learned that we can always improve the quality of our work. Studying our market, we realized something obvious, but not very considered: how the automation of integrated systems into companies is little automated. This finding is quite ironic, but if you are an integrator, you know what we mean.

A simple integration may require complex schedules adapted to the needs of the organization and the sync of several teams at the site where the work will be done. Purchase airline tickets, car rental, fuel expenses, lodging and food… Not to mention the possible delays, postponements and cancellations, for various reasons. And the errors? We will not list the possibilities to prevent this text to turn into a book.

There is a Japanese word that became famous in the years 80/90 amid the global industry: muda. The term means “waste”, specifically any human activity which absorbs resources but creates no value. Examples? Errors that need to be corrected soon after; process steps that are not really necessary; transportation of workers without need; groups of people waiting because of an activity that was not delivered on time; and goods and services that do not meet customer needs.

We are throwing money away. But there is an option. Spin was inspired on its lean structure to develop a lean integration process. Lean Automation is a methodology created by Spin to reduce time, errors and financial losses in integration processes. But not only. This lean work method also increases project flexibility, eases deployment, reduces the amount of testing, reduces the number of members of the field team, and ensure quality and finish.

With Lean Automation, months turn into weeks, with a considerable reduction of costs, the assurance of quality, reliability and ease of maintenance. It’s not magic. With our SCADA Action.NET, software that enables us as the leading expert in automation to the electricity market, we conducted parameterization advances, building replicable models that facilitate integration. And it gets better: Lean Automation is an exponential product, which changes with each integration, becoming more reliable and faster.

Lean Automation is a revolution in how to integrate automation systems. We know that the promise is great, and promises are not enough. Therefore, we suggest you contact our sales team in order to check the possibilities of the method. We are offering more flexibility than larger companies can offer a quality of the same level (or higher) at a lower cost with a reduced period.

If your company does not have time or money to waste, accelerate your integration intelligently. Be lean automation.