News » Spin at the biggest event in the Asian energy market

Spin at the biggest event in the Asian energy market


ELECRAMA is the biggest event in the Asian energy market. And Spin, which expands its activities in Asia, could not be left out. In 2020, the event took place in January and SCOPE team was the host for Spin and its integrating partner Nayon, from the Philippines. SCOPE is one of the largest equipment suppliers in the country and counts on SCADA Action.Net software for its integrations.

The event is as busy and dynamic as the growth of the Indian market. New opportunities arise as the country develops and its infrastructure becomes more complex.

In the image above, Asian and South American partners seeking to contribute to India’s growth through the development and application of technology.

Above, you can see the India Ministry of Power Panel. The Ministry launched a bid to test SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index) from several companies.

The initial competition is for 11 states in India, each with about 200 cities. In each state, the indexes for one city will be calculated. Five states have already opened the competition and SCOPE won in 2 states. Six other states are analyzing the competition and SCOPE stands out in the race.

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