News » Spin operates in one of the most promising markets in the world

Spin operates in one of the most promising markets in the world


Spin participated in ELECRAMA, the largest event in the Asian energy market, in January and extended its visit to India to carry out alignments with local partners. The Indian market has proved to be one of the most promising in the world according to an IEA study, which shows how the country’s choices are representative for the planet.

Indian energy demand is expected to double by 2040 and the country demand for electricity is expected to triple in the same period. The renewables market takes the lead in this growth, with wind and solar generations as the focus. In 2018, India’s investment in photovoltaic solar energy was greater than in all fossil sources of power generation combined. The expectation is to increase the capacity of renewable energy generation from 80 GW to 175 GW by 2022 and, in the long term, by 350 GW. This requires increasing investments as much as accommodating the growth in wind and solar stakes, the generation of which can vary depending on temperature, time of day and season.

The 1.4 billion population added to the world’s fastest economic growth make India a vital country for the future of global energy markets. And Spin is already helping this growth process, in partnership with its integrating partner SCOPE. Functionalities are being added to Action.Net SCADA software in order to meet market needs as business prospects grow.

Spin proves that Brazil is able to export technology and still has a lot to achieve and contribute around the world.