News » Spin deploys Integrated Management System at EMAE-SP

Spin deploys Integrated Management System at EMAE-SP


The Metropolitan Company of Water and Energy S.A. at São Paulo – EMAE has a new way of dealing with their operations. Through the IMS (Integrated Management System), managers and operators will be able to access information in the organization’s various levels of the production chain.

The  market of system supervision is no longer the same. As opportunities arise from technological innovations demands also arise. One is the intelligent management of information of an operation. To ignore details is no longer an acceptable excuse.

Today it takes a smart business yo be able to treat the information as an asset. To meet this demand, Spin developed Manager Dashboard, a business intelligence platform that communicates with SCADA software to provide information to enable the taking of managerial and operational decisions.

The IMS EMAE project meets these two levels of decision making information available with a superior graphical level to the standard SCADA software market and a work that is a result of the partnership structured between Spin and its client.

The EMAE team can access through a single platform, production information, assets, historical, guidelines and technical data, team contacts, shifts organization; as well as can perform service requests to the Spin support team. The system communicates with other platforms, such as Google Maps, facilitating the viewing of assets and the displacement of field teams.

The platform is available for the team EMAE with content in Portuguese and English, and it is in the final deployment stage at the time.