News » Spin’s international training highlights worldwide expansion of activities

Spin’s international training highlights worldwide expansion of activities


In the first two weeks of October 2018, Spin Engineering received companies from India, Indonesia and the Philippines to conduct international training in its SCADA, OMS, AMDS and EMS products. The 10 days of training were a period of alignment, in the midst of which experiments were exchanged and future plans were structured.

This initiative comes amid Spin’s expansion into the energy market, which also includes initiatives such as the creation and registration of the Lean Automation methodology, the structuring of a software resale model through integrators, and the structuring of international partnerships with North and South American companies.

Participants and trainers in the training room.

During the two weeks, the participants of the training had contact with modern tools for construction of projects directed to the treatment with the automation of operations of generation, transmission and distribution of energy. A survey, conducted with the participants after the training, indicated the quality of the content and attention of the coaches to explain details about the products.

Many plans were built to follow the lessons and exchanges in the SCADA/OMS?ADMS/EMS International Training. Spin is expanding its activities in Brazil and worldwide.