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Action₀NET + OpenDSS

Spin integrated its SCADA Action˳NET to the EPRI OpenDSS, allowing the use of all the tools of the OpenDSS library in SCADA applications.

The OpenDSS is an EPRI open-source electrical system simulation tool for electric utility distribution systems. The software has a user interface on the solution engine to assist users in developing scripts and viewing solutions. The program supports nearly all RMS steady‐state (i.e., frequency domain) analyses commonly performed for utility distribution systems planning and analysis.

In addition, it supports many new types of analyses that are designed to meet future needs, many of which are being dictated by the deregulation of utilities worldwide and the advent of the “smart grid”. The DSS is designed to be indefinitely expandable so that it can be easily modified to meet future needs.

The connection between Action˳NET and OpenDSS opens up several possibilities for the energy market. Come take a look (demo).

For more information watch the video or access this link.