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Consistency and efficiency in automation

Action₀NET is a SCADA software with unique features when compared with solutions used in the market. Over 25 years of experience result in the development of a consistent tool, prepared with the most modern elements and focusing on details that only the fieldwork can provide.

For developing software and implementing solutions, Spin comes out ahead and build software with excellency for the electrical and industrial market. With knowledge gained from over hundreds of commissions, Spin anticipates scenarios and resolves setbacks with relative ease. To work on ActionₒNET is to have access to the latest software in the market with one of the most experienced teams of SCADA software.

Action₀NET manual is available on-line.

Get to know the features and request the installer of ActionₒNET, the SCADA software best suited for your operation.

Energy management is a job of responsibility and accuracy. Action₀NET is a robust SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software, with a simple and clear manual to assist in the work of electrical automation, whether in generation, transmission or distribution.

Spin works with automation for over 25 years and knows the pitfalls and difficulties of integration. In developing the ActionₒNET and protocols, a major focus of Spin’s team is stability. SCADA software must be as reliable as the operation that he oversees. This is ActionₒNET.

Action₀NET support single and hot-stand-by architecture in a naturally way, and the client stations automatically look for the right server.

Action₀NET can also work in the modality Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that depending on the type of application, your company does not need to install it on machines or maintain a physical structure to hold the equipment. The software can keep the content in the cloud, allowing access by browsers (Internet) and even tablets and smartphones based on Android and Apple technology, without any special development.

Features called “Best in Cloud “, such as collaborative working or ubiquitous access (which can be found everywhere) and characteristics that reduce IT problems, such as automatic software updates, often accompanied by lower cost of ownership are some of SaaS news.

Innovative technologies tend to rewrite the rules of profitable growth and competitive advantage in an industry, SaaS is no exception. It is much easier to adhere to SaaS products, being accessible, have lower operating costs and having an interface for multiple contacts.

The Action₀Net is a DotNet product, therefore is native 32 or 64 bits, depending on your hardware configuration. The code selection is made automatically, thus it is more efficientand and  robust, taking best advantage of the selected environment. It implements hierarchy in tags that can be used as filters and all report columns support filters.

Design changes can be tracked at any time and the software contains different debugging tools such as trace window, display of object properties window with the possibility of change between them, cross reference of design objects, object usage counter and identification of declared objects and unused ones, dynamic debugger, etc.

ActionₒNET internal database is a SQLite and is integrated to development and runtime environments. For larger applications, you can use any relational database market. It’s possible to run applications in test mode without changing the database of the CLIENT and active debug module. Software scripts are compiled, making them between 20 and 100 times faster than interpreted scripts of existing SCADA software on the market.

ActionₒNET at no extra development, enables customers to access through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Any authorized user can access any screen or SCADA report from a mobile device with iOS, Android and Windows technology.

In addition, using the ActionₒNET Client application, available in the library of Apple, the user can access and navigate very quickly in management screens, developed especially for this media.

With ActionₒNET, managers and technicians have remote access to the system from their mobile devices, anywhere in the world with internet.

ActionₒNET has as one of its features the ability to create code extensions through new DLLs written in C # or ₒNET. Examples of already developed DLLs are:

  • PI System: Integrates the OSIsoft PI System to ActionₒNET at the project level by automatically importing the PI Asset Framework and PI Server structures;
  • Component: One project or part of a project can be created as a component. New projects can import a component that which includes a set of functionalities;
  • Deploy: from templates of a project, describing, for example, tags representing the bays of a substation (line, transformer, bar feeder, etc.) automatically creates all the associated tables: Tags, Alarms Points I / O and History;

System Integrators and other partner companies that have their own IEDs can create import wizards, using the appropriate Toolkits.