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The electricity market is changing, with technological advances, new regulatory demands and opportunities.

Spin developed an intelligent real-time solutions, oriented to electrical applications. With ActionWise, we offer on of the best solutions in the market for the implementation of the FLISR (Fault location, isolation and Service Restoration) function through a SCADA / ADMS.

ActionWise is already installed in two Utilities of the group Neoenergia, one controlling 175 equipments and other 70.

ActionWise can be used in multi-equipment solutions, regardless of model or manufacturer. Take a look at the video.

In this video we integrated ActionWise with a OMS (Outage Management System) of a partner.

The solution can be implemented in three ways:

  • Independent: implanted autonomously in a computer that acquires data from the field (feeders, reclosers and sectionalizers), monitored and controlled circuits (controlled region). In the event of a fault in the controlled region, ActionWise detects the change and defines the best strategy to isolate the problem and restore the system. The strategy can be executed automatically or under the operator’s command (automatic or manual mode).
  • Supplement to an existing SCADA: the SCADA of the client, responsible for interfacing with the field equipment of the controlled region, detects a fault and the information is sent to ActionWise by standard TCP/IP protocol (OPC, DNP 30, IEC 60870-5 -104). ActionWise will perform the contingency analysis, and define the best strategy for isolating the system failure and restore the system, sending to SCADA the list of maneuvers to be performed.
  • ActionNET as SCADA/ADMS: if the client already has Action₀NET SCADA, we simply add the ADMS functions to the existing SCADA to have the solution in the controlled region in a similar way to the Independent form.

ActionWise adheres to the concept of Smart Grids, highlighting its FLISR function, which locates faults, isolates them and restores services, in real time, with algorithms that minimize quality indicators, respecting existing strategies and limitations. If necessary, other ADMS functions may be available in the same solution (consult us for more details).

The key FLISR features are:

  • Ability to perform the automatic transfer of loads, in contingency events.
  • The reconfiguration algorithm may be adequate to observe the load of the substation feeders and transformers, determining if there is available power to be used.
  • No need for language or routine for implementation. A topological processor executed at each change of the state of a key is used, redefining the system topology, separating it into observable islands and, depending on the established restrictions, defining the maneuvers to restore the system.
  • Full registration of devices in operation and status of modifications. Records are dated to milliseconds, allowing auditing of events in the distribution network.
  • Running in real-time or simulated mode. When in simulated mode, communication with the field is suspended and the solution assumes an initial reference state with the keys and their loading in normal situation for the time. Periodically, minimum incremental values ​​are generated for loading, indicating that the system is operational. By ActionWise HMI, you can simulate faults by getting identical responses to real-time.
  • The screens of the solution are accessible from any mobile device (tablets and smartphones).
  • If there is an indication of risk to the safety of the operation, the maneuver will be blocked and an alarm will be displayed with the reason for the lock.
  • Operations performed by the system are preceded by all possible safety. Before and during performing a network reconfiguration command, the system make sure there are no abnormalities in the devices involved.

The image presents a logical diagram of a control area with four feeders (vertical bars) and 15 control equipment. The color of the feeders prevails in the stretches of line fed by it. A double-click on an element of the network presents its state and, in the example, the recloser RA574617 has a deadline (second window) lock (first window). In this way, this recloser will not be used in maneuvers of the ActionWise algorithm.

This image shows the state of the system after the simulation of a fault in section 1 and the execution of the commands indicated in the maneuvering window. Maneuvered equipment appears with a dashed yellow circle around it, indicating that they were commanded by ActionWise. These circles are removed by pressing the Clear button in the maneuver window.

In the example, to minimize the effects of the fault, two reclosers (RA582504 and RA582548) were closed and one recloser (RA943685) was opened. As a result, only the defect de-energized.

ActionWise / Gateway and ActionWise Simulator creates a simulated field with data very close to the real one. We recommend creating the simulation environment to test the system as well as to operator training. In this environment there are two applications running:

  • ActionWise Simulator: It builds an real time database from actual project network database ActionWise, and is a complete tool for simulating loads, sources, currents and network failures, based in real time load flow calculations and topological processing. This software communicates with the ActionWise Gateway that translates all faults in IEC-60870-5-104 messages and sends them to the environment ActionWise SCADA/ADMS/FLISR: The ActionWise Network Simulator has a toolbar that allows user simulate different faults manually or automatically, as shown below.
  • ActionWise Gateway: This module is the ActionWise/SCADA ADMS / FLISR itself using the same Action.NET project, but configured as a gateway. In this mode, their displays reflect the state of the process, but the FLISR algorithm is not executed. The program communicates with the ActionWise Network Simulator and translates all analog and digital variable changes into IEC-60870-5-104 messages and, as an IEC-104 server, sends these messages to ActionWise FLISR real project, which in response sends commands to make the maneuvers defined.