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Software for Value-added Resellers

Spin has an office in Toronto, Canada (Spin Canada Ltd.) that distributes ActionNET / ActionWise in Canada and Asia and a partner company in Houston, Texas (Tatsoft) that is distributing our solutions in the United States.

With the methodology of Lean Automation, we offer a customized application library to VARs that will allow the generation of SCADAs for different electrical applications in record time, without errors, minimizing costs and maximizing quality.

To offer your customers a robust and modern solution using a next-generation software, please contact our partner or our distributor.

Action.NET manual is available on line.


Using cloud computing integrators can talk to support and run applications in the cloud. Doubts can be placed on the support website and will be promptly answered. Training and videos  on our Youtube channel should facilitate the knowledge of the product. If necessary, spin components can develop help VARs.

Spin has some training procedures that can be done in person or over the Internet. A highly trained team is on hand to help in your sales process.

With Spin as a partner, your company will be even more prepared to close new business.

Action₀NET has, as one of its features, the ability to create code extensions through new DLLs written in C# or DotNET. Examples of already developed DLLs are:

  • Project: Imports parts of an Action₀NET project for a new project;
  • Component: One project or part of it can be exported as a component and after, inserted into other projects adding functionalities to them.
  • Deploy: from templates of a project, describing, for example, tags representing the bays of a substation (line, transformer, bar feeder, etc.) automatically creates all the associated tables: Tags, Alarms, and points E/S and History.
  • PI System: Direct real-time native integration with the OsiSoft PI System and PI AF;

Spin can, along with the VAR, assemble a basic design that automatically generates the solution of the database to be developed.

In more complex projects, the VAR can hire “special support” service that will provide a consultant in the cloud or presential to participate in the solution.