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VARs´ Support

With over 25 years of experience in the automation market, Spin noted that one of the main problems of the utilities companies is the rapid obsolescence of supervisory and control systems in the face of technological innovation. Added to this fact the high costs involved in the acquisition of a new system of supervision and control that, as soon as deployed, is already obsolete due to rapid technological change.

On the other hand, with the creation of regulatory agencies and the trend of deregulation of concession services, the electricity industry has to have a dynamic similar to the financial sector, where firms to align to the new market rules, should have a team that permanently update their systems adapting them to new market rules.

In order to solve these problems, Spin recommends that your VARs make annual support contracts with their customers keeping the versions up-to-date and trouble-free, and we will support our VARs to ensure the quality of their services.

Spin Customer Support is a smart way to organize and provide information, record and track requests, accelerate the process of problem solving, maintain a positive way of communication with customers and partners and information that can improve the quality of our service.

The platform is accessible by support.spinengenharia.com.br.

Spin customers have access to the platform, and customers with maintenance contracts have priority in attendance. Tickets can be sent 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). But the ticket attendance within 1 hour after sending occurs in 8/5 (eight hours of work on weekdays).

This service corresponds to the annual update of the version of software installed on customer premises. Before installation in the customer environment tests are done at Spin environment to simulate the client’s environment.

We provide a remote support to ours VARs, via phone and internet. The support may be of commercial or 24/7 hours.  The support technician via internet/e-mail/phone will receive information about the problem and seek a solution. The remote maintenance service takes place in five stages:

  • CUSTOMER VAR accesses Spin’s page on the internet and via his code and password in the support page, contacting technical support via internet or phone and report the problem;
  • The technician will be able (if the VAR or CLIENT allows) to access theyr machine using ADSL and remote access software from Spin. This condition will depend on the complexity of the problem and the understanding of the problem reported via internet/email/telephone;
  • After the understanding of the problem the support technician can give the solution immediately, if it is a simple problem, or he may request a time to seek a solution by contacting a specialist;
  • If the problem requires the search for a specialist, the support technician will inform the CLIENT and Spin will study the problem and may even be have to simulate the CLIENT environment to find the solution;
  • Once found the solution support a technician will contact the CLIENT and instruct him on the procedures to solve the problem;
  • It should be noted that this service is used to resolve the CLIENT installation problems and not to develop new solutions.