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Industrial Substations

Industrial substations are similar to utility substations, but the profile of the operators is different, as is the organization of the database and parameter screens. In the concessionaire, energy is the object of production and supply. In industry, energy is an element in the production of another product (cellulose, fertilizers, food, etc.). Thus, an operator´s utility has a different profile when compared to an industry operator, although both systems are similar from the point of view of the controlled process, requiring uses of HMIs in different ways.

Spin has already automated several industrial substations and the Industry substation component is an example that can generate a new substation in few minutes.

For a VAR that operates in the automation of industrial substations, Spin proposes to generate a component aimed at its specification, along with the software. This component can easily be changed, generating other substation standards.

The Industry substation component aims to reduce the cost of automation of industrial substations by reducing the parameter time, factory testing and commissioning.

The solution aims to meet three basic elements of an enterprise: quality, price and time.

It has a standardized architecture, using line, transformer, bus and generator/feeder relays. The standard solution was configured in SCADA and had its relays parameterized to the destination functions with predetermined DNP3 addresses. Besides that, a full test of the system was made in the laboratory.

This example uses a family of SEL relays parameterized for deployment in an industrial substation. The relays can be replaced by others manufacturer and the suitability of the application is quite simple. In addition to the possibility to navigate to the details screens of any substation bay, eight (8) reports and a simulation module for operator training are also available. All circuit breakers and switchgear supports command as well as transformer tap. It is possible to block commands as well as to place explanatory notes and reset the relays.