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Lean Automation

Lean Automation is a new methodology, developed by Spin, oriented to the parameterization and implementation of a SCADA application, for the supervisory control of a process. Spin, using Action˳NET, provides features that, when associated with the developed methodology, allows to generate better, cheaper, faster, error-free and high-quality solutions.

The goal of the methodology is to create one Component that generates several applications that are built using the same standard – in less time (months are converted into weeks), with less cost (reduction of the team members, specialization level and project direction), more quality (the methodology minimizes faults), and more flexibility (from one Component you can easily develop others).

 Here are some examples of the application using lean automation methodology:
– The use of component libraries to maintain knowledge in the company and develop the best practices of using IEDs.
– Example of a component to parameterize utility´s substations;
– Example of component to parameterize industry substations;
– Example of component to parameterize wind farms;
– Example of asset management component with IEDs in distributed architecture;
– Example of Asset Availability.