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Support & Maintenance

Keeping up with the pace of global technology development has become a complicated task over time. However, Spin keeps pace and is constantly ahead of the market in offering the most modern solutions.

In order to accompany its customers in this evolutionary process, Spin provides the service of maintenance and support. Besides attending during business hours or 24/7 (uninterrupted), it also guarantees the technological evolution of the installed products through the annual update of the versions of its software.

A major problem of the control centers of power utilities is obsolescence resulting from technological innovation. Added to this fact are the high costs involved in the acquisition of a new supervisory and control system.

With software that evolves constantly, you can lower your worries and spend less. This way it is not necessary to exchange software every ten or fifteen years.

With the creation of regulatory agencies and the trend of deregulation of concession services, electrical and telecommunications industries now have a dynamic similar to the financial sector, in which companies, to align to the new rules of the market must have a team that permanently updates their systems, adapting to new market rules.

Spin offers services based on a helpdesk platform through the following link:


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