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Photovoltaic plants

The photovoltaic power generation market is gaining ground in Brazil and Spin has the experience and knowledge to offer the best photovoltaic automation solutions to its customers. After all, given the high initial investment in solar park construction and its current leveled electricity cost (LCOE), reliable automation delivery makes all the difference for agile start-up, smooth operation, and maintenance under control. Thus, the goal is to reduce LCOE and enable the most profitable photovoltaic generation.

For this, Spin has professionals who specialize in photovoltaics, who know best practices and shortcuts to build consistent systems. Thus, the company’s experience enables the construction of components for the solar market using the Lean Automation methodology. In other words, we perform automation for photovoltaic plants in a short time, with lower costs and quality assurance.

Our focus is on the operator’s experience with the system. Key users should interact easily with the software. For this, we have screens built based on established methodologies. However, it is also possible to adapt such a construction to the customer culture and even replicate the established models in components to further facilitate subsequent integrations.

To keep the operation as safe as possible, we also offer maintenance contracts to support operations. Spin serves customers around the country in operations centers whose energy production must be maintained at a high level. Between 24/7 and business hours contracts, we help operations stay firm in pursuit of greater customer satisfaction.