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Embedded Software

Spin is a company dedicated to results. That’s one of the main reasons to build versatile software. ActionₒNET, for example, can be embedded in the customer’s solution, becoming a tool that enhances business.

Using Lean Automation, it is possible to develop components that are the best practices of using an IED. The library of these components can be used both, to generate wind farm applications, where wind turbines and the Met.Stations are components, and to generate asset management applications where IEDs are asset-monitoring sensors.

Check out more details. Your business may be a step of the evolution that will change your company’s reality.

Through the feature entitled Extension, presented in the figure below, in the ActionₒNET editing module, you can create a routine that generates an HMI application from a configuration file of any device, creating an embedded solution. This file may be from an Excel spreadsheet to a list of points generated by a device such as a fire panel, a generator set, etc.

If you wish to have your own HMI solution, ask Spin. You can change your business for the better.

Spin embedded its SCADA in two central fire sold in Europe, Detectomat and Olympia. With ActionₒNET, you will have high-resolution graphics, cloud computing, tablets and smartphones usage, etc.